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Dallas Convertible Bitless/Bitted Multi Bridle

Dallas Convertible Bitless/Bitted Multi Bridle

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Introducing our new “multi Bridle” a bridle that can be used as a lunging cavesson, bitted and/or bitless bridle.

This is a stunning well padded bridle with 5 different D ring attachments on the cavesson noseband and removable clip on bit cheek pieces so you can lunge or ride both bitted and bitless.

The padded monocrown is shaped to give lots of space to the ears and the bridle cheekpieces are also padded for ultimate comfort.

Add this to your training repertoire and allow yourself the versatility of working bitted or bitless with your horse, all in the same bridle. You can even ride in this cavesson if you wish to!

The noseband is well padded and is all leather with no metal interior, it is shaped to be comfortable around the nose and is not rigid.

* Bit clips included 

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Customer Reviews

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Saebra Pipoly- Hoof Falls & Footfalls
Double thumbs up from an adaptive/therapeutic riding instructor!

I'm loving the convertible bridle! As an Adaptive/therapeutic riding instructor, this bridle is "priceless" as I'm easily able to go from a longe line lesson - to bittless - to bitted as needed and with obly ONE piece of tack! Thanks to the sturdy noseband I can also pop an O ring underneath and attach a lead for beginners or littles who need a bit more support at first.
I've not used it long but out of the box the stitching and leather seemed high-quality and the leather was soft (way less break in time than another convertible bridle I've used).
I'm planning on replacing my current multi-bridles over the next few months with this convertable as I love the fit (more traditonal noseband, long cheek straps, generous cutback for ears, etc.) and how comfortable the horses seem while wearing it.

Toni Hand
Great product for young and experienced horses

Great quality leather and soft padding, is great for me to use with my young horses and my older more experienced horses. My younger mare loves to lunge in this bridle as it gives her support and comfort.